“Tanya was relaxed, friendly and helped me understand what my style was and how to use my current clothes, along with some purchased items, to make fab new outfits.  She was so efficient in the shops and knew exactly what to look for.”

Kate – Personal shopping and style consultation

 “Tanya quickly made me feel at ease.  She’s given me so much confidence and helped me learn how to add a bit more style to outfits, at work and at home.  It was a lot of fun and I’d highly recommend it to anyone else who feels like they’re kind of stuck in a rut like I did.”

Laura – Wardrobe edit and style consultation

“Since my consultation with Tanya, my approach to my wardrobe and style has completely changed.  I’m having fun experimenting with colours and styles that I’d never considered before and people are regularly commenting on my outfits and how they suit me.”

Nicola – Colour analysis

“I was a little nervous at the start but Tanya was really lovely and put me at ease really quickly.  I really enjoyed how she challenged me with choices and re-educated me with colour and body shape knowledge.  She got me and was warm all the time.  Loved every minute Tanya, thank you.”

Rosie – Personal shopping and style consultation
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