Colour analysis

Colour analysis


Discovering your true colours can be truly transformational. Wearing the right shades for you skin tone will have a remarkable affect on how you look and feel, taking years off you and giving you that radiance and sparkle that you deserve.  I am passionate about finding your true colours that will bring harmony to the face, lift your mood and enhance your wellbeing.

What’s included:

  • Explanation of the colour analysis and how it works
  • Discovering your own seasonal colour palette using drapes
  • Tips on how to wear your seasonal shades and incorporate them into your wardrobe
  • A handbag sized colour fan of your own seasonal palette to keep
  • Summary of our session sent by email

Please note I will allow 30 mins each way travel time within the overall cost of a service but any further than this will incur an additional cost of £30 per hour to cover the cost of fuel and time.

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